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Dear broken heart,

I know that at this very moment you are grieving. I am not too sure if the tears are caused by a loved one passing away or a person’s decision to walk out of your life. What ever it may be, I want to provide you with some words of comfort.

Brokenness is hard and can be filled with intense pain. But I am here to tell you that wounds can heal.

When a person falls and hurts themselves, a physical wound is formed in the result of that fall. The skin can become bruised, bleed and filled with pain. At that moment, medicine, treatments or ointments is given to provide relief.

Just like our wounded skin; our heart operate the same way.

Various “treatments” can be issued to provide relief to your heart. Treatments such as prayer, counseling, the comfort and support from family and friends, getting in tune or back in tune with your hobby/passion and many more.

I do not know what is on your mind at this very moment. You may feel like giving up on life. I need and want you to know that your friends need you, I need you; the world needs you.

Your brokenness is the birth of life and God will comfort you through your suffering.

I promise you that at this very time next year, your trial will have impacted someone’s life in a positive way.

Your life is not just a testimony for you, it is meant to empower and motivate others. Your brokenness is the ink and words, the paint brush and the canvas, the fabric and the needle and thread to create an impact for others. I can assure to you that your pain is NOT in vain.

I am a living testimony that God can turn heartache into joy. My pain has been the ink and words to share my thoughts, my heart, my life with other men and women who can relate to my writings. God used my pain, my brokenness, my heart break for a greater purpose. One that I could not have ever imagined throughout my teary and depressed nights.

So never forget that God gives the toughest battles to the strongest warriors.

It may be hard to think about your purpose during this time. You may even feel yourself getting worse.

But time and God will AND can heal you.


t may be hard to believe that statement but hold on to your faith. Even through your tears, should out loud that you are healed. Shout out loud that there is purpose in this season. If you do not have the strength to do so, grab a hold of someone you love and trust and have them declare healing and purpose over your life.

God will not only be there for you; he will send people into your life to confirm the things that he has promised.

You may have questioned how can God allow for that situation to occur.

Unfortunately, I cannot answer that question and no one can, but we must remember that his ways and thoughts are higher than ours. We are not equipped or created to understand God.

However, you can rest assured that your life is precious to God. He is so in love with you because he created you. God will NEVER ignore what he took the time to create.

He wants you to wrap your love and trust around him at this time. He wants to have your all, even with anger filled in your heart. He wants to show you that he is the God of comfort and a providing God.

May this holiday season be a season of peace and healing. May it also be a season that you celebrate the life that you once have known and create a tradition to keep their legacy alive. May this holiday season also be a time that you thank God that the person that walked out of your life has opened the door for a better and NEW love to arrive!

The remaining of 2015 will be filled with joy and peace and God will continue to cover you and keep you whole and healed.

Speak those things into your life now but most importantly, believe it.




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