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Joy Osahon was born in Nigeria but raised in Connecticut. She grew up in a traditional Nigerian home where education was EVERYTHING and dating was taboo. Her parents worked their butt off to provide for Joy and her 3 other siblings. By the grace of God, Joy's parents were able to put all 4 of their kids through college; 2 of which (Joy and her sister) graduated from Graduate School.​


Joy's mother always told her that she talked a lot as a child. It is safe to say that those characteristics still have not changed. Joy was a very happy child. She continued living her life smiling, laughing, and seeing others do the same. As Joy got older, she intentionally strived to create smiles and upkeep positivity around her.


It was not always easy being that girl who wanted peace on earth and desired for everyone to get along. There were moments that Joy was laughed at and challenged with her thoughts; especially when it came to the subject of love and relationships. Joy took the laughter and judgment of others as her foundation to connect with women throughout the world through her blogs, videos, and speaking engagements.


What makes Joy different from other bloggers and speakers is that she believes that the best way for women to live their best life is from the inside-out. That is why Joy boldly speaks on topics such as faith, dating/relationships, self-esteem, career, and much more. Joy continuously strives to create a community filled with boldness, healing, growth, and authenticity with hopes that women will begin to live their best life no matter what season of life they are in.

Days after receiving the news, Joy began to heavily contemplate her speech for graduation. It was during her English class, that her wandering mind led to her ballpoint pen to scribble away with meaningful words. Random thoughts and analogies dressed her paper as she began writing about the high school experience and the many opportunities and doors that will open for the class of 2006 in their future. ​


When Joy finally stopped writing, she looked down and felt satisfied and excited because she knew deep in my heart that it was completed. Her graduation speech was done! The day finally came when Joy gave her graduation speech.



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