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When he says he is too busy to make time for you...READ THIS!

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If he says he is too busy to make time for you, believe him! He is telling you the truth! I am not excusing his lack of consistency, I am just calling a spade a spade, and that brotha is busy.

Something OR someone has been taking up his time but it is not your job to try to figure it out because he has already made a choice on where you stand in his life. If you have been the one to bend over backwards for him, compromise your schedule to try to make a date happen or a phone call to take place but you find yourself empty handed, then the proof is in the pudding and you MUST walk away!

And ladies, before you get upset and call that man all types of names and what not, take ownership in the part you may have played in this. If you gave that man 6 months to "try to make time" for you, please take some responsibility in the wasting of your own time. The same choice, that man made with the "excuses" is the same choice you made in accepting it! So reclaim your time back and throw up the deuce sign and break things off.

I know this post may not have been what you wanted to hear but I definitely feel like I saved you months from wasting the rest of 2019 on someone who told you a truth that you refused to take literal.


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