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Why Dating Can Be Frustrating!

I must add this disclaimer…dating is NOT for everyone! This blog is not designed to encourage people to date or to stop dating. It is more of a blog where many of you can finally say, “girl…I am glad I am not the only one going through this”. Every once in a while we need a, can I get an amen, post.

Dating in today’s world seems like it consists mostly of text messaging, short lived acknowledgement of one another, dealing with emotionally unavailable people and so much more.

Dating is not only frustrating, it can be hard with a capital H.

So here are some reasons why!

1.) The sort-of-single but I don’t know what I want type of person

We all have baggage when you get technical. Some baggage may be big and some baggage may be small so no one can pass judgement. However, there are some baggage that you cannot overlook even if you try.

For example, dealing with an individual who is still caught up with their ex lover. In fact, they may still be in contact with their ex or just on a "break" and want to occupy their time. Whatever the reason is, when you meet the “sort-of single but I don’t know what I want” type of man or woman; get ready for an intense round of the guessing game.

Trying to get to know someone who does not even know their relationship status or if they are still in love or out of love with their past will just have you running into circles and asking questions that they themselves do not know the answer to.

What makes these type of people annoying is that they are usually awesome people! You may even have a great connection with them BUT you will eventually hit a brick wall even if you are spending a lot of time with them. Just because they are physically spending time with you does not mean that their heart and mind is with you.

2.) The I lost my voice so I can only text type of person

I believe that talking on the phone may not be everyone’s strongest suit or what they prefer. Isn't it frustrating when you receive a text that asks you, "so tell me something about yourself".

You know that in that moment, you should stretch your fingers because you will be composing a 3 page "essay" of your life story. Who has time to send a 10 minute length text when you can answer the question in less than 5 minutes.

Talking on the phone is not everyone's thing but there is FaceTime and the power of meeting up for coffee to just talk.

Conversations now and days are so rare so when it does happen, it is valued. Ever notice that after a really good conversation with your crush, you like them more?! It is because you gain a better sense of that person through their voice and vibe. Unless I am not hip to the game, I doubt you can feel a connection through texting.

3.) The I am on a dating app yet I live on ghost town street

Dating apps are meant for dating, well at least for some. Nothing is more frustrating then swiping right on an attractive and engaging bio who’s last log-in dates back to January of 2016.

Whats even worse is when you obtain a match yet no one sends a friendly hello first or no one responds back to your initial contact. Being silent is a waste and downright makes dating apps pointless.

You sign up for those dating apps with the mindset that you have a great advantage meeting and connecting with people but in reality you begin to find out that you are better off doing things the old fashion way; walking up to approach. Even if they are not interested, you will get a response right away!

As you can see, I have only named a few point as to why and how dating can be frustrating. I am sure that the lists can go on for some. It is not always full of glitz and glam as many people portray it to be. Again I promised not to give my personal advice in this blog. So I hope you received confirmation that: no you are not going crazy in this dating game nor is there anything wrong with you. It just that dating is hard and you win some and lose some.


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