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Success and Purpose

Aubree asked: What is the true definition of success? How do our relationships in life shape the fulfillment of our destiny/purpose?

Success today is measured by a tool called, social media. We tend to measure one’s success based on likes, reposts, followers, hashtags and more.

In reality, success is not a popularity contest. Success to me is when you can positively influence at least one person to better their own self. That betterment can be in any area of their life such as spiritual growth, finance, health, beauty and more.

Therefore, it is safe to say that success is not limited to a specific topic because there is always room for improvement in every area of our lives.

Success may seem simple and straight to the point. However, it becomes complicated when we look at success based on how many books we have sold or how many autographs we can sign.

It is NOT about quantity. It is ALL about quality!

Many people can compile followers towards their trends but how many of them have positively influenced their follower’s lives. It is to no surprise that change is not easy and that there will always be stumbling blocks on the path towards change. But the desire to want to change is powerful and it creates a level of strength to move forward.

That to me is success!

Changing a person’s heart for their betterment.

Notice that I did not say 500 hearts or hearts primarily in the east coast or west coast. Success is measured by having an impact.

You may have a book published right now, and the sales may not be going the way that you would like. An example of success would be one person who came across your book and has gained positive insight and changed from it. Or it could be someone who may have witnessed your writing and publishing journey and have become inspired to do the same.

See if you can touch at least ONE life; you are can change the world.

We must not forget that success is not an overnight process. It takes time, building, effort and sacrifices in your area of focus. Too many people say that they want to be successful but have become loss with its main stream depiction.

People can “look” successful by throwing on a suite, for example, but when the suite is off success becomes a just an ordinary word; and the fruits that are produced from their labor is rotten.

That is why it is important to understand that your journey itself is success in the making. Your failures and faults is what adds beauty to the end product. It makes you realistic to those who are watching. That is not only a learning experience for you but others are watching and learning from you!

The power of knowledge is not easily attained. Knowledge enables effort. Effort enables growth. Growth enables success.

Do not stop what you are doing if you striving to make a positive difference. Do not become discouraged if the numbers of your audience is not as large as you would want it to be. Be more concerned if your one follower, reader or listener is inspired and changed for the better

Our relationships in life can shape our purpose and destiny in so many ways. Good or bad. God may want to bring you to another level but everyone in your circle is not invited to come with you.

There are people who may know what your goals and aspirations are but those same people may be praying against you. That is why it is important to not always tell people your every move. Some things should just be kept between you and God until what you have is fully manifested.

However, every relationship is not bad. You may be connected to people who will pour so deeply into your life and will push and challenger you towards the purpose that God has specifically for you.

It is important to never fight with God when he removes people out of your life. That person may be the same hindering block that is preventing you from walking in your purpose.

So be VERY mindful and cautious who you keep close to you because we are influenced by not only what we see but by what and/or who we spend the most time with.

Be with those who encourage you to walk in your purpose and those who pray for your journey. What may seem like an innocent friendship can be the root of laziness and distractions.

The saying, “you are what you eat” is similar to friendships and the company that we keep. “You reflect who you are with”. If you are around those who are diligently seeking and walking in their purpose, your lifestyle will begin to reflect that as well.

Your purpose is a gift from God but everyone should not be so close to that gift because some gifts are safer to be viewed from afar.


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