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Everyone wants to be happy, so they say? But is it truly what we should aim for? We are living in a generation based on materialistic and man-made possession that we have assumed that being happy with “things”, a status, a particular job and more are the goal.

Happiness is attainable only when a particular possession to your liking is attainable. Now ask yourself, is that really what you want? To obtain the feeling of happiness when things are going well or in your favor? Reality must sink in for one to realize that life is not perfect nor is it fair. Now in some circumstances, you may have to ask yourself if you are happy in order to continue in a relationship or a work place and more. However, happiness is so constrained that once we “lose” something, our happiness is gone.

If happiness should not be strived for, then what should?

Drum roll please….JOY.

There is an understanding that happiness is based on circumstances but with joy, it is internal. Since it is internal, it cannot be shaken or moved based on circumstances. “…The joy of the Lord is your strength” from Nehemiah 8:10 is a perfect example out of many that depicts joy. Most people understand that our strength comes from the Lord and most people also understand that with God, we have already won the battle because there is comfort in knowing that “God got this”. If you are going through something, you are reminded in this verse that although things may not be going your way and you may not be happy, there is joy in knowing that your strength comes from God and because God is God; there is joy in that being the truth. If the “happiness” of the Lord is our strength then we will only be happy based on things that go our way. God does not want that for us. He wants us to be joyful through the good and bad times. Have you ever met someone who is full of so much joy yet they have just lost their job, spouse left them and their kids are so turned up that the school teachers have given up on them? That person is filled with so much joy even though there is chaos going on in their life because knowing who God is surpasses their problems. Knowing who God is will bring joy because you are exposed to the MANY promises he has in store for YOU.

Make that declaration TODAY that you refuse to be led by the cares of this world and that by having faith in God; you are aiming for joy. That no matter what storm you may go through, you will lose that joy! When you lose that joy, you lose hope in God. So aim to be joyful because happiness requires TOO much baggage.

Ways to Get Your Joy Back

1. Pray (Tell God EVERYTHING! He wants to communicate with YOU. Yes YOU!)

2. Read the word (Faith is through knowledge. Feed your spirit through the word of God DAILY. Have you noticed that a morning you don’t spend with prayer and the word is off; yep you need God)

3. Serve someone else (When you volunteer or doing something nice for those less fortunate, you are reminded on how good you may have it even things may not be going good with you.)

4. Do what you love! (It is sometimes during our darkest hours when we produce our greatest projects. For example, if you are heartbroken and write, you better write because your words holds many emotions that readers can feel)

5. Exercise (Working out is a great hobby to acquire. Working out releases endorphins which are chemicals that triggers a positive feeling)


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