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We have been taught to feel fulfilled once we have obtained several degrees, a great paying job, get married and have kids. Many have followed that timeline or currently on that road; yet still feel a sense of emptiness. Money can pay off bills and grant you access on various flights. However, nothing compares to the fulfillment of one’s life than by actively walking in one’s purpose.

To walk in your purpose is to realize what your purpose is. That is by far one of the most challenging things to discover. It is a journey that varies with each person. It is a journey filled with uncertainty, fear, tears, and frustrations. All of those emotions are tied to the thought of wanting to be sure if what you are about to embark on is in fact what God REALLY wants you to do. My journey to discover my purpose has been something that has literally been under my nose since 12th grade and in 2014 I received prophetic words pertaining to it; as well as in 2015. That does not mean that I have not spent countless nights in tears begging God to show me what he wants me to do. That does not mean that I have not woken up in the morning depressed because I felt a sense of emptiness because going to work was no longer enough for me. There had to be more to life than just getting paid and paying off bills. I desired to find out what I needed to do in this world before I was called home.

That journey was not pretty but I thank God because I learned so much that I found it necessary to share. One of the most important things to do while discovering your purpose is to block your ears from outsiders who do not have your best interest at heart in regards to your spiritual well-being. Outsiders can be your friends, your family members, co-workers or your supervisor. We live in an analytical world where people think that they know what is best for you other than you. Many times it can come off as bashful statements that ridicules you for not knowing your God-given purpose. People enjoy pointing out your flaws but very seldom do people assist you. That is why it is important to seek God and not people! When I received several prophetic words about my gift, I prayed to God for confirmation and had to deal directly with God. Those whom I received prophetic words from are people of God. You must sharpen your discerning spirit to decide whether or not you are to receive a word. Everything prophesied over you does not have to be received. To sharpen your discernment is to spend time in the word, pray and fast. Discernment is necessary and very crucial!

I would also strongly suggest that you keep your journey pertaining to your purpose to a minimal audience because people may be secretly praying against you. So keep your mouth shut until God has led you to release what he has for you to the world. Stop planning things out loud. I would urge you to connect with your spiritual mother/father, accountability partner or someone whom you spiritually trust throughout your process. It is important to keep your circle small and filled with positive vibes.

Another point I would like to make is to spend time with God in prayer and in the word. He is of course your creator! How can you expect to discover something very important about yourself when you have not discovered and gotten to know the one who took the time to create you. Getting into the word and prayer is not just on Sundays but everyday. Alone time with God and making it a priority is difficult. Trust me, I struggle with oversleeping and miss the mark MANY times. But I have found myself walking deeper in my purpose because I have been spending more time with God. The more time you spend, the better you can recognize his voice. No matter how difficult it may be, it will grant you peace. When we ask, seek, and knock, God opens up doors for us. However, that requires us to get out of your own way!

What God has for you will be granted with a price. It will be a sacrifice and it will be difficult. Even the thought of what God has for you to do may seem scary. However, that is NOT the time to run away but to run towards it! Remember, God is not a God of fear. Therefore, when you feel fear, know that it is not God! There is no glory given to God if you are not in position to give God the glory. God wants to bring you out of some things, mold you and fine-tune some areas of your life for your purpose to come alive. All of which is not from your own doing or strength but from God.

So it will be difficult but not impossible because God makes the unqualified qualified.

Those ideas, those desires and those dreams; write it all down! Pray over it and watch how things will begin to unfold. There is not specific age and time that god will revel things to you. Wake up each morning with the expectancy that it will be presented to you. Some of you have been walking in your purpose this whole time and soon those spiritual lenses will be implanted on you and clarity will be gained.


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