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To The Unmarried Woman In Her 30s

To the unmarried woman in her 30s that has been looked at as being odd or inferior, this message is for you.

Dear Unmarried Woman in Her 30s,

The words below is not intended to feed you a spoonful of cliche affirmations that tells you that one day you will get married or to remind you to wait on God because if you are in your 30s and unmarried, you have heard many of those saying and have more than likely become very sick and tired of hearing that "reminder".

Due to the pressure and vast emotions that you may or are currently experiencing in this season of your life, I wrote this letter to remind you that being in your 30s as an unmarried woman is just simply that; being in your 30s as an unmarried woman.

You are not any less of an employer, you are not a bad sister, you are not a bad friend nor are you a bad daughter because you are in your 30s and unmarried. You are simply a woman who who does not have the option to file her taxes jointly with another man. Life is not limited because you have not yet walked down the aisle since life has become limitless because you have the freedom and time through your singleness, to walk boldly in your purpose. Despite what social media may say, your life does not begin the moment a man kneels down before you in front of your close family members and friends. Your life actually began the minute that God blessed you in your mother's womb.

I know that there is an ample amount of pressure for you to just say yes to any man that comes your way or many people may have "criminalized" you for being "too picky" or not knowing what you want despite you being wise with your standards. Therefore, I need you to rebuke and cancel out (in the name of Jesus) every negative, ignorant and nasty word spoken over and against you during those family gatherings each time you arrived "alone".

Society has not made being an unmarried woman in her 30s any easier. There is an influx amount of noise around rings, tuxedos and white dresses in comparison to visions coming alive, businesses being birthed and even healing taking place. That itself can be draining and it often leads many of us into believing that we are not valuable enough. Because of that, it is necessary to remind yourself that you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. When God spoke that truth in Psalm 139:14, he did not say that those who are married are fearfully and wonderfully made. Everyone that exists in this world is, despite one's relationship status.

So to the beautiful unmarried woman in her 30s that is reading this, from the bottom of my heart, I need you to know and believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. I implore you to use this time as an unmarried woman to cultivate and grow in your gift and live your life fully until a man worthy of your time comes along. Remember, the right one for you will be more concerned about what you did during your singleness instead of asking why you are single.

With Love,

An unmarried woman in her 30s


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