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The Product Your Skin Has Been Missing- Kharis Organics

Are you looking for 100% natural, nontoxic products? Then Kharis Organics Body Soufflé is the product for you!

How it all started

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Meet Marie Manu. She is the creator of Kharis Organics which is a body skincare line that is 100% free from GMO, toxins, artificial colors, artificial fragrances and synthetic chemicals!

Marie’s journey to the launching of her skincare line began back in 2014 after experiencing horrible side effects from a popular Lipstain product she tried on. Her lips turned black, became swollen and itchy. It took Marie about a month to get her lips back to normal. Since then, her passion for natural skincare began. Ultimately, her passion later birthed Kharis Organics , which I had the pleasure of trying and loved and this is why!!!

The Packaging

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When my Lemongrass Body Souffle arrived from Kharis Organics, I was greatly impressed by its packaging. I don't know about you but I am all about the packaging of the products I buy. The colors used on the label, gave the jar a very chic and cute look which is very eye catching and it looks pretty cute on any dresser.

I was also highly impressed when I opened the jar to find the body soufflé cream filled to the top! I know that I am not the only one who has been bamboozled on buying a pricey product and discovering that it was less than half way full. So you know I was a very happy customer when that was not the case with Kharis Organics!

Amazing Scent

Since summer is around the corner, the last thing you want to deal with is bad body odor. So why not freshen up with Kharis Organics. The moment I opened the jar of the product, I was comforted by the fresh scent of lemongrass. Now if the scent of lemongrass is not your thing, you can try the Floral one which is just as amazing! If for some reason you rather be fragrance free, Marie did not forget about you; she offers a fragrance free jar option as well.

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Not only will Kharis Organics have you smelling good, your skin will feel like a newborn baby! For many melanin beauties, we struggle with finding body creams that actually moisturizes our skin for hours. This light weight product does the job! in fact, the more consistent I was with using the lotion, the smoother my skin felt! Now that is what I call progressive body care!

All Natural!!! Like harsh stuff added!

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I am not a "everything must be natural" kind of girl but when it comes to body care, I try to be cognizant of what goes on it.

I learned from Marie that it only takes "26 seconds for the ingredients and/or chemicals of your personal care products to get into your bloodstream". Not 26 days or 26 years; 26 seconds! Now let that sink in!

That is what won me over with Kharis Organics! The fact that everything is natural and hand-made! As previously mentioned, Marie's horrific experience with the Lipstain prompted her to curate a product where her customers did not have to worry about negative side effects from a product. As a result, she was intentional with listing the ingredients she used visibly on the front of the jar.

As you can see, I am quite a fan, well I am actually a HUGE fan of Kharis Organics for the reasons listed above! I am pretty confident that you will be too if you check out Marie Manu's gem!

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I am very big on knowing the creator of a product and brand so be sure to follow Marie Manu to learn more about the Ghanaian beauty who many will come to learn relatively soon.


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