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A Go To Hairstyle For Boss Chicks Who Are Always On The Go

I recently began wearing my natural hair out after years of keeping it in various protective hairstyles. Loving on my natural hair has been a wonderful journey but there have been days that my schedule does not allow me to put the love and attention on my beautiful coils because life is "lifing" (yes I made up a word). Therefore, I do not always have time for my hair the way I would ideally like so wearing the Jerry Curl Affordable Headband Wig from LUVME Hair has been super beneficial for 3 reasons.

It is a time saver!

You do not have to cut and lay down baby hair (if you do not want to) and that is the first thing I realized when I put this wig on! I am no edge master so this was a huge relief and time saver for me. I was a bit hesitant to see how the wig would look without baby hairs but it looked absolutely fine!

My ideal wig is one that I can literally put on like a cap, fluff it out, and then voila; my hair is slayed for the day! When I took the hair out of the package, I separated the strands to give it more volume. One of the things I did notice about the hair was that it did not tangle nor become overly frizzy to the point that the beauty of the hair decreased. So for the women that may not have a full hour or more to get ready for work, this wig will literally be your holy grail.

There's a variety of headbands to choose from!

If you are hesitant about whether or not the wig is good for everyday wear, then I want to confirm that it is. That makes wearing the wig while running an errand, going to work, and more a realistic option. If you are looking to spruce up your look for the day, you can choose from 5 other styles to choose from. I absolutely adored the versatility of the wig and if you are looking to spruce up your outfit but do not want to spend a ton of time on your hair; then this wig is for you. Putting on the headbands was very easy as long as you put the hair itself in a bun to make the process smooth. If you are afraid that the wig would slide off when putting on another headband, then be sure to utilize the straps at the back of the wig and side combs to increases security of the wig.

The quality is fabulous!

No one wants to wear a wig that has a plastic glossy look to it because it give off a very tacky look. Hair quality is something that I value when it comes to wigs and that is something I did not have to worry about with this unit. I will admit that I was a bit nervous about the hair because "affordable" hair has a bad reputation of looking cheap. Thankfully, I was relieved when that was not the case with the unit. The quality of the hair was wonderful and its beauty increased when the strands were divided and fluffed up. Overall, the hair looked mositurized, and did not feel dry. I loved that I did not have to add any products to the hair

As you can see, this wig is truly a great option for the boss chicks who would like to save some coins and most importantly save time in order to look fabulous for the day!

Jerry Curl Affordable Headband Wig:


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