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6 Practical Ways To Effectively Prepare For 2021

A new year is around the corner and a few individuals are wondering how to effectively prepare for it. Since we are a couple of days away from 2021, I want to provide you with 6 ways to effectively prepare for it.

1. Purchase an agenda

An agenda is a great tool for planning, organizing tasks, and scheduling appointments. The reason why I go hard for agendas is that it has organized my personal life and has physically depicted what I can say yes or no to based on my week ahead. Below are some great stores to purchase a planner:

2. Set some goals

If you have not set your 2021 goals yet, now is the perfect time to do so. Setting attainable goals is essential but do not let that be the reason why you do not take risks. So think big! If your goals do not scare you, they may not be big enough.

Furthermore, be cautious about broadcasting all of your goals to the world because everyone is NOT rooting for you. So be sure to use discernment on what you should and should not share as it relates to your goals.

3. Schedule your yearly medical exams

Your health goes beyond how you look externally and more about what is going on internally. As we approach a new year, do not forget to schedule your yearly appointments. In order to go hard for 2021, you must make sure that you are physically capable of doing so!

In addition, please be sure to schedule your next therapy session (if you have been attending within the past year). Now if therapy is something that you have been contemplating, why not use the new year to explore that curiosity. Even though therapy is not for everyone, you will never really know if that pertains to you until you try. So if therapy is a path you would like to explore, I suggest calling your health insurance provider and requesting that they email you a list of Mental Health providers that is within your network. Furthermore, Black Women can navigate Therapy for Black Girls, and Black men can navigate Therapy for Black Men to explore additional options.

4. Scan and review your dating pool (single folks)

Before you plan out your bae-dates for 2021, be sure that bae is supposed to be bae for 2021. As silly as this may sound, I suggest my single folks to do an "inventory check" of all the people you may be "dating" or "getting to know" before the year is up.

Time is valuable and you cannot get that back. So ask yourself this question, Do I like this person as an individual or do I like the attention they give me? If you are believing to receive God's best in the area of your love life, you really want to be sure that the person(s) you are focused on is not hindering you from experiencing the love you desire and deserve.

5. Clean your apartment/house

As mundane as this may seem, there is something very powerful and liberating about cleaning your space. Many individuals are hoping to embrace something new but they do not have the literal space to receive it. Therefore, I suggest an early "spring cleaning" of your house, apartment, or room so that you can get rid of the old things and clutter in order to make room for the new.

6. Get and read your Bible

I do not know about you but this year taught me that I need to really read the Bible for myself. This year was a year of exposure when it comes to the things of God.

Many people "prophesied" things that never came to pass, hate was running rapidly with many church folks, the gospel was not accurately being taught and secret lives were being exposed left to right. All of which pushed me to turn to God for myself and not to social media, Youtube, or my favorite pastors.

I suggest you do the same for yourself. Do not wait until January 1st to read the Bible, start now. The more you read God's word for yourself, the more you begin to recognize His truths. With so much that has happened spiritually this year, it is essential that we become knowledgeable of what God actually says and not the false facts from individuals.

As you can see, these suggestions are practical and feasible to implement in your life as you soon approach 2021! Good luck and let me know which ones you decide to partake in.


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