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3 Things To Keep In Mind During Your Red Sea Moment

If you have been following me on Instagram , then you know that July was a very TOUGH month for many reasons and I later recognized that the difficulties I faced, greatly reminded me about Moses parting the Red Sea.

Below is a brief overview of Moses and the Red Sea which is found in Exodus 14.

  • Moses was leading the Israelites out of Egypt to the Promise Land. During his journey, he approaches the Red Sea. Initially, Pharaoh gave Moses permission to leave Egypt with the Israelites. However, Pharaoh changed his mind and ordered his army after them.

  • Once Moses approached the Red Sea, he turns around and noticed Pharaoh and his army approaching them. At that moment, all Moses had was his rod and the promises from God in his heart.

  • God kept to His Word and used Moses's rod to part the sea. Moses and the Israelites were able to make it to the other but Pharaoh and his army were bombarded with the waters of the sea as they attempted to cross it.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where God told you that He got you and then you get so close to your breaking point that you begin to doubt His promises and feel utterly uncomfortable and hopeless? This is what I like to phrase as being the "Red Sea Moment".

My most recent red sea moment was back in July after I decided not to renew the lease of the apartment I was living at for the past 3 years. I truly believed that God did not want me to stay there for another year because he was about to bring me in a "new" season and that included a new apartment.

Fast forward to the 3rd week of July and I am still left without an apartment for an August 1st move-in date. You can probably imagine the many thoughts going through my mind. I was scared, nervous, confused and frustrated with God. I was doing the apartment search regularly and viewing places but it was something in my spirit that hindered me from saying yes. Now you would think that my limited time would prompt me to just sign any lease but that was not the case.

It was not until July 31st that I found an apartment with a roommate that I knew from undergrad and graduate days. God made a way despite what looked to be impossible.

Like Moses, I approached a barrier, my "Red Sea", with the promises of God on my heart- He said that I needed to be in a NEW apartment. But God being the God that He is, proved Himself to be faithful and parted my "Red Sea" and got me to the other side which was into a new apartment.

I do not know what you are going through at the moment but I want you to keep in mind these 3 things during your storm:

  1. God is faithful! God's promises for us is found in His Word and if you study it, you will discover that there are things that God has for us. So remember that God cannot go back on His Word (Numbers 23:19 “God is not a man, that He should lie....")

  2. Do not stop! It is so easy to throw in the towel when our situation seems to be getting worse but it is imperative that effort is still being made. I could have easily given up on the apartment search and taken it as a sign to just move to Georgia and live with my parents but I chose not to. However, I decided to roll up my sleeves and continued my search until July 31st which was the day I found an apartment.

  3. Draw close to God! This is much easier said than done but it is needed in order to better discern the voice of God. If I had drowned myself in the "logics of man", I would have just settled for just any apartment and most likely would have regretted my decision later on.

If God can rescue Moses and the Israelites out of the hand of Pharaoh and his army in the middle of the Red Sea, God will certainly do the same for you! Every Red Sea moment must come to an end and I pray that when you get to the other side of whatever storm you are facing; that your love and trust in God increases and that you begin to depend on Him more than ever!


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