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3 Things Single Christian Women Want Single Christian Men To Stop Saying

In a world filled with so many relationships gurus in the church world, here are 3 key pieces of advice that many Christian women want Christian men to know when it comes to dating.

Stop saying "you are my wife"

There is absolutely nothing wrong if you believe that the woman you are interested in is your wife. However, blatantly saying it to the woman can be very overwhelming, weird, and it can add pressure. Telling a woman that they are your wife without even knowing them can quickly turn a beautiful interaction stale. I have had my own experiences of being told, "you are my rib" and "it makes sense for us to get married", from men who did not know my full name. I felt emotionally overwhelmed and confused. I could not tell if it was coming from God or their flesh at the time so I did what most women would do; I ran. There was no peace, comfort, or confirmation from the "you are my wife" line. Instead, there was confusion and a massive turn-off associated with it.

Instead, try saying, "there is something very different about you and I look forward to exploring what that is"

Telling women that they are "way too good to be true"

Telling a woman who she is, is not realistic because she is "good" is not only insulting to the woman's character but it reveals your insecurity and lack of readiness to receive the kind of person you have been praying for. In today's society, dating may not be painted in a glamorous picture but that does not mean that every woman out there is toxic or using men for their money. There are good women out there that genuinely want healthy love.

Instead, be honest with yourself FIRST about where your doubts are coming from. Very often you will discover that the issue is not the person but you.

You must have something wrong with you because you are STILL single

Despite what society or in many cases, Instagram may say, everyone, is not always in a relationship. There are women out there who have embraced their singleness to focus on themselves, heal, and grow. For some, they can do it while being in a relationship but for others they needed solitude. There are women who learned the hard way about the toxicity that comes from situationships throughout their singleness. Hence why they may have been single by title but dealt with a particular man for quite some time.

Instead, stop asking women why she is single but ask her what she has been doing throughout her singleness. Her answer can put into perspective the truth that singleness can lead to productivity.

Avoiding these 3 statements towards Christian women will bring peace, clarity, and maybe a possible love connection for you.


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