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3 Reasons Why "The Unity Collection" Should Be In Your Closet

Left (Kimberly Lockett) and Right (Keyondra Lockett)

The #1 Top Billboard Artist, Keyondra Lockett and Celebrity Stylist, Kimberly Lockett have taken fashion to a new height through their global launch of The Unity Collection. The collection embodies beautiful shades of brown as it represents the "radiance and diversity of black skin". The unisex design comes in various sizes ranging from a S to a 3XL and it is available for world wide shipping.

If you need some convincing on why Jolie Noire needs to be in your closet, please consider the following 3 reasons:

The Unity Collection showcases the various beauty of Brown skin

  • The purpose behind the collection is not only beautiful but empowering through their underlying message. Messaging is extremely important and I absolutely loved how the duo merged fashion with an important theme; Black is beautiful and also diverse!

It is comes in a variety of sizes

  • It is no secret that many fashion brands are insensitive to the fact that a woman's body comes in all sizes. For The Unity Collection to provide clothing for people who are up to a size 3XL says 2 MAJOR things about the ladies:

  1. They understand that real bodies comes in ALL sizes

  2. They believe that feeling good in your clothes should be a privilege for all

The financial investment is worth it

  • I have had my many shares of going the cheap route when purchasing items and I do not think that there was ever a time that I found it to be beneficial in the long run.

  • Quality clothing can esthetically spruce up any outfit and The Unity Collection proves that! No matter how you choose to style the collection, with heels or sneakers, I am confident that the outfit will look absoloutely chic!

*Bonus reason* It's Black owned by 2 fabulous boss ladies!

  • Keyondra Lockett and Kimberly Lockett are 2 Black women that are fearlessly and boldly walking in purpose. Their collection not only benefits them, it creates a space and path for other Black Women to follow.

As you can see, The Unity Collection is an esthetically pleasing line that is founded on empowerment and led by 2 empowering Black women!

Instagram of Keyondra Lockett:

Check me out rocking the Noire shirt ;)


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