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The 9 Podcasts You Must Download NOW!

If you have ever had a one on one conversation with me, then you know that I absolutely LOVE podcasts. So here are my top 9 podcasts that I believe every person MUST download NOW! Side note, the podcasts listed are in no particular order.


If you are not already aware, Zim, the former owner of Travel Noire

created a podcast called Bloom. Her faith-based episodes are refreshing, applicable and filled with honesty. What I truly enjoy the most about Zim's podcast is the relevancy of her teachings despite whatever season a person may be in. In addition, her unapologetic zeal for God always leaves me convicted yet empowered to be a better version of myself. So if you are in need of a spiritual boost while tackling this journey called life, then this podcast is the one for you!


Jesus and Jollof

If you are dealing with a deficiency of laughs then Jesus & Jollof is the perfect remedy! The podcast is hosted by actress and comedian Yvonne Oriji and author, speaker, and digital strategist Luvvie Ajayi. The duo will have you dying with laughter with their endless amount of stories growing up in a Nigerian home. Moreover, their podcast will prompt you to take some meaningful notes on how to excel in one's life, passion/dreams, and career. What I admire the most about their podcast is their transparency. Luvvie and Yvonee do not shy away from telling their truths about their journey. In fact, after hearing what they have gone through in order to get to where they are now, you will feel motivated to level up.


Transformation Church

If you are not familiar with Michael Todd , he is the lead Pastor at Transformation Church located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The 32 year old Pastor teaches The Word in such a way that it becomes applicable in ones life. I discovered Pastor Todd from his, Relationship Goals Series, sermons and from that point on, I have been an avid follower of his ministry. His use of props on YouTube caters to the various styles of learning and it keeps you engaged! Even if you are listening to his sermons on his podcast, your focus will not go away. With Transformation Church's podcast, you can expect an infinite amount of transparency that will shape your views of Jesus, the church, purpose, dating/relationships, marriage, singleness and so much more.


Therapy for Black Girls

Dr. Joy is a Licensed Psychologist based in Atlanta, Georgia. She is also the originator of Therapy for Black Girls, a site "...dedicated to encouraging the mental wellness of Black women and girls" and her podcast is truly a reflection of that. The content covers a multitude of topics such as self care, depression, trauma, sex, boundaries, trust and more. I am always left feeling rejuvenated and better aware of who I am and how my experiences have shaped me after each episode. Although Dr. Joy's podcast is very therapeutic, it should not be substituted as actual therapy sessions. If you are in need of therapy, you can find a therapist on her site here.


Dressed for Battle

Ladies, if you are in need of "spiritual weapons" to fight this battle called life, then you need to download Dressed for Battle Podcast. The former Miss Black NJ 2018 and creator of the podcast, Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien, love for Christ and passion for helping women is genuinely exuded in every episode. The faith-based podcast features every day, warrior women, who share their life journey and the lessons they have learned from many of their experiences. The transparency and applicable advice that is shared on identity, faith, love, purpose and career creates a safe space for women to let their "hair down" to be themselves.


The Change Experience with Dr. Dharius Daniels

The Change Experience podcast will literally leave you lie! Pastor Dharius Daniels's in-depth teaching of The Word will inspire you to go beyond learning the Bible on a surface level. That often leads to revelation on how God's word can be pertinent in one's purpose, vision, relationships, careers, fears, trends and more. What I really appreciate about Pastor Dharius's teachings, is that it prompts you to question societal trends and expectations to see how insignificant it is in our life in comparison to God's standards. So if you want to reach a level of fullness in The Word of God, then I encourage you to take a listen for yourself.


My Taught You

Myleik Teele is the creator of Curl Box , which is a monthly subscription for women of color to explore various hair products. Her podcast was actually the very first podcast I downloaded and I can truly say that I have learned so MUCH from Myleik about careers, purpose, obtaining opportunities, healthy living, work ethics and the list can literally go on for years! It was because of her podcast, that I made progressive change on my work ethics, blogging and speaking. There are so many times I have found myself sharing her podcast with the college students that I work closely with be cause her knowledge is truly gems! The great thing about her podcast is that you do not have to be an entrepreneur to benefit from listening. I am certain that the gems you receive from Myleik will change your outlook and behaviors towards life.


The Dave Ramsey Show

If you really want yo get your money right then this is the podcast for you! Now I must warn you and say that Dave Ramsey is not for the faint-hearted because he is VERY blunt and extremely unapologetic about his financial tips. His podcast not only shares realistic financial tips but he features real life guests to share their stories on how they were able to pay off their debts. I have listened to several episodes where married couples and singles have paid off thousand of dollars in debt and I am always left motivated that I could do the same. Quit frankly Dave Ramsey's years of expertise in finances will change how you view money. So if you are afraid of writing out that budget or paying off that nasty debt, hid podcast will reassure you that the "impossible" is actually possible for you!


Rants and Randomness Podcast

Luvvie Ajayi has her own dope podcast along with Jesus and Jollof and it is equally as valuable. I actually discovered Rants & Randomness first. Luvvie discusses all things social and pop culture and I absolutely love it because she does not hold back! There is something very powerful about a woman of color who uses her platform to speak her mind with boldness! Luvvie's podcast is truly a reflection of who she is! From her episodes you will discover that she is socially aware of what is going on, outspoken, wise, knowledgeable and funny! So be prepared to receive invaluable knowledgeable, life changing perspectives and worthwhile tips.

I hope these podcast will serve as blessing to you in every area of your life. Happy downloading!!!


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