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8 Self Care Tips You Must Try

Life can be super busy for many of us and too often we allow a jammed pack schedule to get the best of us to the point that we can not truly enjoy our days. Trust me, I am way too familiar with that feeling. But I am confident that if you try the following 8 self-care tips, I am sure that you will find joy and fulfillment despite your hectic life.

1. Exercise

Finding time to exercise can be quit difficult if you have tons of things on your plate. But I encourage you to resist the, "I don't have time to workout" excuse and make time! I am not a fitness expert but set at least 30 minutes aside to workout at least 3 times a week to start. Working out not only makes you look good, it makes you feel good as well. Physical activity releases chemicals called endorphins in the body. Those chemicals are what makes you "feel good" after an intense workout session.

Also, if you get bored easily with doing the same exercises, I strongly suggest that you take a look into these FREE following apps: Nike Training Club, Nike Run Club or Pinterest to switch up your routines.

2. Read More

Reading is actually soothing to the soul because it allows you to put your life on hold in order to dive into another world. Despite what people may say, being a bookworm will always be popular! You have an opportunity to learn, grow, laugh, shout, cry, and so much more through various books. If you do not know where to start with what to read, check out some of these great choices:

3. Take yourself out on a date

It is not as bad as you may think even though it can be a bit awkward at first. But over time, that will change and you will begin to find it normal and easier to do. Too often, people rely heavily on others to please them through dates and entertainment that they do not know how to bring fulfillment to themselves.

The great thing about taking yourself out on dates is that it can really be fulfilling if you allow it to be. Doing something simple such as taking yourself out to the movies or going out for ice cream can allow you to stay in tuned with yourself, your likes, your dislikes, your passions and more. Furthermore, taking yourself out forces you to put yourself first and that greatly decrease the likelihood of a burn out from occurring.

4. Practice saying no

Even though I struggle with this greatly, I have discovered that when I say no to a project or task, that same project or task still gets completed without my involvement. In addition, I have learned that saying no allows me to take a good look in the mirror and find peace in knowing that I am not superwoman and that I do have limitations.

Saying yes to everything only positions you to experience a burn out quickly and stir up resent in your heart. Interestingly, those who tend to say yes to everything do so with the mindset of trying to "please everyone". That altruistic personality trait means that they are willing to put others and their needs before their themselves and their own well-being. Getting out of that habit is not easy but if you practice saying no and sticking to your no for the little things, you will get better in this area with time.

5. Go to bed early and get up earlier

The early bird not only catches the worm, but that bird is probably a little less stressed. Sleep is VERY important and according to the Center for Disease Control, "not getting enough sleep is linked with many chronic diseases and conditions—such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and depression". There may be sleepless nights where you have to get certain tasks and/or projects completed but it should not be your norm.

Sleeping rejuvenates your body and your mind and that will always be better than a hot cup of coffee! Pushing up your bedtime, will force you to manage your time better and prioritize important tasks before it is time to hit the sheet. It also allows you to embrace the understanding that somethings can wait to be taken care of the next day. Plus, sleeping more can help eliminate bags under the eyes. Ladies, who wouldn't want that!

6. Schedule time to do absolutely nothing

When was the last time you spent the day at home doing absolutely nothing? By nothing, I mean no work, school work, no business planning, no brainstorming...nothing! Many people have a difficult time answering that question if they are always on the go. I understand that productivity is a must in order to make progress but rest is essential in order to maintain it. You have probably heard the saying, "you can't pour from an empty cup", well the same goes for productivity. You cannot get things done without energy and energy can be attained through rest and resting comes in the form of doing nothing. Your mind and body will thank you later for that.

7. Journal

When life gets overwhelming, write it all down. There is something liberating when you translate your emotions into words. No one is correcting your thoughts, no one is making fun of your perspectives; it is just you, your pen and a journal. Journaling has become a part of my life for several months now and it has allowed me to get real with myself! It has been my scapegoat to pour out my heart without the backlash. If you have never journaled before, try it! You do not have to journal every day for 30 minutes. You can set aside 5 minutes, 2 days a week, to start (that is what I do). I have noticed that journaling humanizes you and it exhorts you to process your emotions and situations through words.

8. Spend time with God

You know I had to save the BEST for last! Matthew 6:33 tells us to "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you" (KJV). When we literally put God first, everything else has to work out. The reason why some of us may have a difficult time putting God first in your life is because you are too busy.

Spending time with God through prayer, the word, and praise quiets your spirit down. It allows you to put everything on hold and focus on the one who can put everything in order. The more time you spend with God, the more you will begin to see a shift in your busy schedule, the opportunities you choose or choose not to do. God will be the compass in navigating your life, if you allow Him to be. He can tell you what to say yes to and what to say no to. A crazy and overwhelming life probably does not have the presence of God in the forefront because God is a God of peace.

So I hope that these 8 tips excites you to try out or re-confirms that what you have been practicing is great! Please be sure to share with me the tips that you tried. I love receiving feedback!


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