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3 Reasons Why Every Single Mother Should Purchase Dr. Sophia Reed's Devotional

Dr. Sophia Reed is a nationally certified counselor with a Ph.D in Human Behavior. While excelling in her professional life, she is a single mother who strives to strengthen Christian women in their spiritual walk through her writing. Most recently, Dr. Reed wrote a 30 day devotional titled, "Fix It Jesus! For Single Moms Only: The Straightforward No-Nonsense Guide To Passion, Purpose, & Prayer", geared towards single mothers. I had the pleasure of reviewing her devotional and I absolutely encourage all single mothers to read it.

Although, I do not have any kids, I personally know and have met some amazing single mothers who work hard to provide a comfortable life for everyone else. However, they often overlook their own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. That is why I was delighted to come across Dr. Reed's devotional. When asked about the purpose of her book, she discloses that, "God is very straight up and up front with me about who I was, who I needed to be, about some of the things I need to change about myself, and about who He wanted me to become". In addition, she wants readers to know that, "Because God keeps it real with me, that is the same energy that I want to bring to my daily devotional for single mothers".

Given that I was moved by her devotional as a woman with no kids, I can only imagine how great and beneficial it would be for single mothers! Therefore, I would like to share with you all 3 reasons why single mother SHOULD purchase this devotional!

1.) A spiritual resource for Christian single mothers without the shame!

Let's be real, church folks can be so judgmental towards single parents and oftentimes it creates discomfort, division, and causes one to feel ostracized. Sadly, those people have a difficult time shaking off the thought of someone having a child out of wedlock or someone no longer being with the father or mother of the child.

Nonetheless, Dr. Reed's devotional builds a community filled with applicable spiritual guidance, love, and peace for single mothers. Day 2 of her devotional titled, "Being a Single Mom is Nothing New", proves that shaming single parents is never what God intended. In fact, her biblical references from the books of Kings and Genesis proves that God does not condemn single mothers. Her stern emphasis on eliminating shame, provides her readers a safe space to truly grow in Christ.

2.) Dr. Reed keeps it REAL!

If you value transparency in a writer, then you will not be disappointed with Dr. Reed's materials. Her blog site features many topics that most people can relate to such as sex, dating, singleness, Christ, beauty and more. In general, her blogs are not sugar coated so I was not surprised that her devotional emulated that as well.

The devotional touches on an assortment of real life topics such as un-forgiveness, letting the past go, purpose, finances, self love and more. Dr. Reed forces her readers to take a good and honest look in the mirror. So do not be surprised if you experience several "ouch" moments since you will be compelled to reflect on your past, your present, your finances, your habits, your purpose and more.

Think about it, it is quite difficult to better yourself as a person if you are in denial with your own flaws. For this reason, Dr. Reed was intentional with providing applicable solutions to real life problems that single mothers face. ​​

3.) She sticks to the word and prayer!

Anything that is supported by the word of God is valid in my book! Providing the word, allows readers to take the time to study the word for themselves. Moreover, readers are able to attain their own convictions through that process. Each devotional is closed with a specific prayer that is related to the focus of that day. If the prayer provided is not enough for you, feel free to add to it. I even suggest that you write the prayers down on a sheet of paper and post it somewhere in your home to refer back to throughout the day. Any devotional that encourages you to grow through the word of God and prayer, is safe to have in your bookshelf.

Whether you are a single mother or you know someone who is a single mother, this 30 day devotional should be shared! If you are still skeptical about this devotional, I challenge you to give the read a try. I assure that this investment that will not be in vain.


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