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So You Want To Start A Blog? 7 Ways To Get Started!

If you are thinking about starting a blog but you are a bit unsure of how and where to start, then this post is for you. You may have noticed that blogging in 2018 has drastically become a "thing" and that has made many people iffy about even stepping foot into the blogging world. Despite its popularity, I want to remind you that someone is waiting to read, see or hear your content. I do believe that if you take into consideration the following 6 points, then you will be well on your way to starting the blog that you have always desired!!

1.) Find out your why.

This is the most important step to consider before even blogging. Ask yourself why? Why do you want to start a blog? Is there a particular message that you want to get across? Do you want your readers to embrace a specific type of knowledge about a particular field? Or maybe you want your readers to feel confident in their attire through fashion? The “why” is the foundation of your blog and it gives your readers an idea of what to what to expect.

2.) Choose a platform.

If you are not familiar with what a platform is, it is a site which you will be debuting your blog on. It can be Wordspress, Wix, or Blogger to name a few. It is important to take note that each platform operates differently. While doing your research on the various platforms, keep in mind that you should be making a decision that works best for YOU and not something that is the most "popular".

3.) Decide the frequency of your posts?

Whether you plan to post once every 3 months or once a week, please let your readers know and make every effort to keep to it. I understand that life circumstances can hinder one's posting schedule (story of my life) but communicating that to your readers is appreciated in those moments. Lately, I have been carving out time during the week to focus solely on the content for my blogs and so far it has helped greatly with my consistency.

4.) Hire a photographer.

This is something that I did not do when I first started blogging and looking back, I wish I did! I relied solely on words and dismissed the idea of having any pictures other than the one in my "About Me" section. Adding photos on your site is a great way for you readers to SEE and get to know the person behind the content.

However, if money is tight and you are unable to hire a professional photographer, ask someone who is starting out in the field. More than likely, they may not be charging a whole lot or may not even charge (if not, give them a GENEROUS donation) since they are in the beginning stage of trying to get their work out there.

5.) Create at least 3 posts!

Before you launch your blog site, I suggest having at least 3 posts. I have read endless amount of blogs implying the same suggestion. When you have multiple posts up, you can cater to various readers. Think about it, if your first post is about faith and the second one is about health and the third one is about fashion, you will draw in diverse readers and that is something that you want!

6.) Shut up that, "everyone is blogging" voice out of your head

Yes it does seem like everyone is blogging but it is impossible for one person's blog to touch everyone. Versatility in the blogging world is necessary and even though your blog's genre may be similar to "Suzy's" site, your voice is still different. That is what makes blogging unique. Do not allow the fear of not "standing out" to keep you out of the blogging community. Someone is yearning to hear your story, see your fashion ideas or is desiring to learn about your travel trips. Please recognize that in life, we cannot be everyone's cup of tea and the same thing implies with blogging. Your site can reach an individual or a group that even the most popular blogger cannot reach. So shut up that FALSE voice in your head.


Last but certainly not least, get started! It is officially summer so why not take advantage of the beautiful weather and grab your laptop and head to a local coffee shop or library to begin building your blog site. Since time waits for no one, get to blogging! :)

Starting your blog site will not be an easy task so expect bumps along the road but also expect a rewarding feeling of excitement when completed. The hard work and sacrifices made to launch your blog site will be well worth it in the end if you follow these 7 tips. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at:


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