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5 Things I did during my blog-cation

I truly do enjoy blogging and speaking but there are moments that it can become draining. So I decided to go on a month long "blog-cation" from speaking engagements and blogging, with the exception of contributing once for Newark Black News

To be quit honest, the idea of taking a break scared me at first. I was afraid that I would lose my momentum and that the ideas for content to blog and speak about would cease. Surprisingly, I was wrong! In fact, the month long break heightened my momentum and ideas! By taking care of myself as Joy and not Joy the blogger or Joy the motivational speaker, I was able to not only accomplish some things, I was able to squeeze in some fun! I wish I could go on and on about every single thing I did, discovered and learned but for time sake, I will just share with you 5 things.

1.) I revamped my site!

If you have not noticed, I actually changed up my site and I feel so great about it! It was not easy, especially since I am not tech savvy. Being that I am my own worst critic, I was not fully in love with the way my previous site looked. My dissatisfaction motivated me to spend some days during my lunch break at work and many late nights to work on my site. Now, I can finally say that I am satisfied with it and happy than ever! If you have not yet checked it out, click HERE.


2.) I picked up a new read from my favorite author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Most people may not know that I am a book worm so commuting to the city for work for the past several years, has surely boosted that passion. However, my love for reading was not always enough. Prior to May, I struggled to find time to pick up a book to read and often used "being busy" as an excuse. During my "blog-cation", I was intentional with my free time in May so I made it my duty to finally purchase "Half of a Yellow Sun". Reading brings me so much peace and awareness so to submerge myself in it daily was pacifying.


3.) I got a therapist.

I will not go into full details, just yet, as to what drove me to see one but I will briefly say that I encourage everyone to try it out! There is something very reassuring and healing about processing our experiences with the assistance of a professional. I can truly say that going to therapy thus far has allowed me to realize certain traits about myself and I know that the new found knowledge will serve as a catalyst in my healing and growing.


4.) I started getting real with Jesus!

Very often, I announce that I am in no way, shape, or form perfect but sadly to say I held myself to the expectation of having to be that "perfect"blogger and motivational speaker. The past month comprised of MANY mistakes and the bones in my own closet began to protrude out. I guess you can say that my "spring cleaning" in April extended into May.

It is astonishing how mistakes can be our biggest "teacher" in life if we allow it to be. I adopted convictions in various areas of my life due to my shortcomings and that positioned me to not only get real with myself but with Jesus. My conversations with God became more honest and I began to tell him everything that was on my mind and heart! Although, I still have areas in my life that I struggle with, I have a much clearer understanding of my boundaries, and weak areas and how that impacts my relationship with God.


5.) I said NO!

Man I use to struggle with saying no a lot. I once thought that I needed to say yes to every event and every collaboration at that moment because I did not want to miss any opportunities. What I realized is that once I said no to a project for the month of May and encouraged that it be revisited next month, I received no follow up. I realized that the life of others still go even if I am unable to participate in it for that moment. So why stress or force a yes when no one will die from my decision.

So here I am now, back in the swing of things! I feel rejuvenated and full of energy! I guess you can say that I am a new and improved woman.

Stay tuned for the many things that are to come!!


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