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The Spring Cleaning Wave

Spring is finally here and the traditional spring cleaning ritual is in full effect. Many of us have been occupied with cleaning out our homes, going through old clothes and setting aside our donation pile for the nearest Salvation Army and more. But, what if I told you that the same concept could be applied to your personal life.

Here Is How

Spring cleaning will look differently for everyone. For some, it may be re-evaluating friendships and relationships and deciding if the connection should still remain. Also, it can consist of cutting out certain foods and beverages that does not serve any nutritional gain. Whatever path you choose to endure, I must forewarn you that it will not be an easy journey. It will require you to take a good look in the mirror and apply a magnifying glass over various areas of your life.


So here is what happens when you decide to clean out some of the junk in your life.


You become real with YOU.

Let’s admit it, change is scary and it becomes scarier when we have to let go of the things, people and habits that we have become comfortable with. We know that in the the back of our mind, making a shift in some areas of our life can be good for us. However, the being proactive part, can be a bit complex.

This process will first require you to be vulnerable because the only way you can make an effective change in your life, is by first realizing that there is a problem. Moreover, this process will challenge you to deeply evaluate where you are in life and how your surroundings has attributed to it, positively or negatively. All of which, will enable honesty and transparency.

Peace literally floods into your life like a river.

Some people, and habits attract chaos and if you are still connected to those things, you will be find yourself continuously fused in it.

I noticed a difference in my lifestyle when I was no longer focused on certain individuals. The drama immediately stopped. I could feel myself smiling more. The feeling of anxiety no longer overwhelmed me and I even began getting more sleep. Even though those things seem mediocre, it actually made a grand difference in my life. I did not truly realize how closing the doors on certain things, was actually the invitation of peace into my life until I actually closed the door.

Some of us are going through our days holding onto so much pain, anxieties, fear, drama, insecurities and more that we forget to enjoy life. The loads that we carry can become so unbearable that feelings such as frustration and depression can arise. Unfortunately, some people have become so content with the chaos or mess in their life that they do not believe that peace exists nor do they believe that they have the power to welcome it into their existence.

Maybe your attainment of peace does require you to cut off ties or to no longer be a part of a project. Regardless of what it may be, peace WILL ALWAYS be on the other side. But in order to activate it, you must take the initial step towards MAKING a change!

You make room for greater things to take place in your life.

When you remove unnecessary things in your life, you free up your arms to receive greater! For example, when you are no longer consumed by mess, you free up time to work on your craft which can possibly lead to various opportunities.

Naturally, empty spaces will develop when you embark on your "spring cleaning" but it will always be filled. You can choose to see the good in a goodbye from some things and fill that space with productivity or you can live your life with regret and become stagnant. It is your choice!

Yes, it is a risk to let go of something when you may not instantly see the benefit but you must TRUST THE PROCESS! Think about it like this, spring is known to occasionally rain but there are periods of sun shine.

For some of you, your 2018 may not have started out great but I can reassure you that because the year

is not over yet, there is still hope for you. Begin to think about the various areas of your life that needs a clean up and roll up your sleeves and get to work. True freedom and joy awaits you.


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