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A Lesson in Simplicity

I was at an open mic event at Mocha lounge when I realized that I had my sweater on backwards the entire day. I felt extremely foolish and wondered if anyone even noticed.

Now if you know me then you know that I TRULY do try to find a lesson learned in every mishap.

You never know what to expect with life. Sure you may try to plan things out but life has a very clever way of revealing that things will not always go according to plan. In fact, you may currently be going through some sort of awkwardness, embarrassment, confusion or feel like you are moving backwards.

BUT I have some amazing news for you!

Life does NOT end, it continues to go on!

You may be looking back on some things and instantly squirm with regret due to your behavior but since whatever it is that you are squirming from has already happened, you can NOW categorize it as your past.

So stop beating yourself up from a mistake you made, even if it made you look foolish. You should allow your mistake to be the foundation of a lesson learned with hopes that you will grow and become wiser and stronger from it.

Although I wore my sweater backwards today, I know that one: I cannot change what took place, I can simply accept what happened and two: I know to take my time when getting dressed for next time. Seeing that I am referring to just a sweater as a real life example, you are reminded that whatever is it that you may have done will require you to do 2 things that I mentioned recently.

  • Acceptance

  • Apply what you learned for the next time

A simple sweater being worn backward is proof that you can really learn something great out of simplicity.


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