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A Whole New Meaning To Dressing to Impress

I had an amazing opportunity to attend Cynthia Fields's Fall Launch event. If you are not familiar with Cynthia Fields then I strongly encourage you to become accustomed with her work asap! There is something very elegant and beautiful about simplicity in the fashion world and that essence is captivated through her line.

Although the line is intended for mature customers, I wanted to still attend the launch because I am lover of dresses!

I was greeted upon arrival with a very warm welcome filled with genuine excitement along with a complimentary glass of Prosecco wine. This was my first fashion launch event so I was highly impressed with the service and venue set up. I was then led around the room and given an overview of the line and was shown the various dresses that were on display.

I was encouraged to try on a dress and later given several dresses to try on. As you can see, pictured below, the fitting room was spacious and a pair of heels were provided to minister a finished look. Most ladies can say that when trying on dresses in the mall, it is a hassle to stand on our toes to see how the ensemble will truly look if we had on heels.

So you may be asking yourself this, "What's the big deal? Its just a dress". I am here to tell you that it is more than that, so here are my 2 reasons why I adored Field's line.

1.) Her dresses comes in sizes 4-16!

To find a nice fitted dress is a process. In fact, certain designers and/or stores only make dresses for limited sizes and/or body types. Cynthia was very strategic in keeping in mind that a woman's body is diverse and it is reflected through her line. Although I am more on the petite size, finding a dress that accentuates my curves while still giving me room to breath is not easy. That is why I instantly fell in LOVE when I wore the V Neck, Cap Sleeve dress (as pictured below). The dress was super comfortable and the material was beyond beautiful. I felt amazingly beautiful and confident wearing the dress! In addition, the pockets in the dress gives it a chic look that I adore!

I must add that the materials used to create the dresses do NOT look cheap at all. Nothing irks me more than seeing a fabulous dress from afar but as you walk closer you notice that it has a cheap look to it. This may just be a dilemma that I run into a lot, but it is pretty difficult to find a nice fitted dress that does not look like a dress I purchased at Rainbows (NO OFFENSE). This is in no way shading Rainbows or stores similar to it because I have purchased very cute going out dresses from places such as Charlotte Russe. However, when it comes to work dresses, event dresses and more, you want to be sure that what you purchase will actually last and not fade away each time you wash it or drop it off at the dry cleaner.

2.) Cynthia is all about women's empowerment.

When you attend a fashion launch event, the last thing you would ever imagine talking about is women's rights. Cynthia discussed with me her seriousness and passion for the work that she does. That later preceded to her asking me about my profession. I began to explain to her, in details, the work that I do and mentioned that I lead a Young Women's Leadership Group at the school. I noticed that her eyes lit up with excitement. She immediately became overjoyed and stated that she is all about women's right and empowerment. Although we did not get an opportunity to go fully in depth about womanhood, I could still sense her passion. Her passion led to a possible opportunity that will help support the women's leadership group, financially. She seemed genuinely eager to help. A conversation about womanhood amongst Cynthia and I grew into a group discussion with some members from her team. I for one found it pretty cool to openly discuss women's studies in an environment where it was not looked at as "forbidden fruit".

I truly loved the dress line and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Cynthia Fields. A nice dress is great and all BUT a dope designer is greater!

Cynthia Fields is accessible and if you would like to schedule a private appointment, please be sure to email: .

Also be sure to visit her various platforms:

Instagram: cynthiafields_


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