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Black Girls Really Do Rock!

Since my move to New Jersey about 4 years ago, I have ALWAYS wanted to attend Black Girls Rock but I never knew how or where to start in order to obtain tickets to the show. Until one weekend, my dream turned into a REALITY!

So HOW did this happen!?

A friend of mine sent an online application to be a SEAT FILLER for Black Girls Rock. For those of you who may not know, a seat filler is someone who fills the empty seats during an event. I was skeptical about the legitimacy of the opportunity but I knew that I had nothing to lose so I applied.

Weeks later, I received a text message followed by an email stating that I have been approved to attend Black Girls Rock as a seat filler. At that moment, I felt like a child at Disney World, my dream came true!

The greatest PERK about being a seat filler for an event is free admissions as well as a high possibility of being seated next to a celebrity. Throughout the taping of the show, I was less than 50 feet from people such as:

Dionne Warwick


Issa Rae

Jay Ellis

Congresswoman Maxine Waters


Beverly Bond

Wood Harris

Khoudia Diop

Taraji P. Henson and more

Wood Harris and I

The beautiful Khoudia Diop and I

I arrived at NJPAC with my friend Krystal where we waited in line under the sun for about 45 minutes signing our photo release form while conversing with one another. I am NOT a fan of being directly under the sun but in this case, I did not mind the melting of my makeup for the sake of the opportunity.

We were then led into the building to be checked in with security. As we were walking, we were hyped up with words such as, "enjoy the show ladies", "this is an awesome opportunity, you are going to have fun". I would be lying if I told you that I did not feel like a child in a candy shop; I could not contain my huge smile!

We were then led into a smaller theater where we waited until all of the seat fillers arrived. We were later given instructions on how the night was going to go. You could see the eagerness in everyone's eyes. I was surprised to see that there were a couple of guys who entered the room as seat fillers. This was the perfect opportunity for them to seek a potential boo, they were the minority that evening in the room.

The moment was here when we finally entered the main theater and my heart raced!

This was the moment that true colors came out! By true colors I mean the inner diva of folks. We were told to wait in the back seating area of the theater while the crew was setting up. During that waiting period, staff began to lead the girls towards the stage to be seated. I noticed that some of the girls were upset that they were not initially picked to be seated up front. Now the show did not yet start and anxiety was beginning to take over for some. A group of girls were led to the front while another group followed. There was A LOT of moving around so many of the girls were going back and forth. There was an instance that a girl was led back towards the rest of us and you can see worry written all over her face followed by words demanding that she wanted to be brought up to the front. Mind you, the show did NOT start yet!

Many of us who noticed what took place was confused at her behavior because we could not wrap our heads around how you can be so demanding when you did NOT purchase a ticket. Then again, everyone may not have attended the show to have fun; some may have looked at it as a business opportunity.

I was fortunate to be seated less than 50 feet from the stage. I was at one point during the show able to count the hair strands on Dionne Warwick's head. I was moved throughout the show about 3 to 4 times and did not miss out any of the segments. You probably won't see my face on the camera since I was not seated closer to the front but I sure did enjoy the show!!

Despite the rare moments of un-satisfaction that took place with some of the seat fillers, there was literally nothing but POSITIVE VIBES throughout the taping of the show. I loved every minute of it. From the beautiful hosting skills of Taraji P. Henson to the phenomenal performances of talented artists, the show was a success.

Attending Black Girls Rock was beyond a big deal and here is why:

A room filled with beautiful shades of brown is truly MOTIVATING! Women of color are often sexualized and depicted as only conquering reality shows. It was a breath of crisp fresh air to be in the presence of entrepreneurs, educators, artists, singers, bloggers doctors, activists, writers and so much more. There were WORLD SHAPERS who were making a difference!

What melted my heart was seeing young girls all dolled up in attendance. I am a believer that planting seeds of greatness at an early age is fundamental. We must expose our young girls to see the various aspects of success because society does a very poor job illustrating the true definition of a black woman!

Being at an event where black girls are valued and celebrated is truly magical. Let's face it, black women have been hated for years and sadly to say, that is still the truth today. Instead of waiting to be celebrated, Beverly Bond, brought to light a platform that has been hidden for centuries; our DOPENESS!

Be sure to tune in on Tuesday August 22nd at 8/7c on BET for the official airing of Black Girls Rock!

I have gotten several inquires about the jumpsuit I wore (The back is open which gives it a little sexiness). This cute one piece was purchased from SHE Boutique

If you are interested in being a seat filler for any upcoming events be sure to follow Terrence Clayton on instagram!


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