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A Letter To A Dear Friend

I lost a best friend, Kayla, when she was 16 and at the time I was 15 due to domestic violence. Please if you are in a domestic violent relationship or marriage, PLEASE leave! It can negatively impact everyone around you.

Today would have been Kayla’s 29th birthday and for some reason this birthday has been hard to deal with. So I decided to write an open letter to her.

Dear Kay Kay,

I miss you so much!!! I miss our phone conversations, your advice, your smile and your positive outlook on life!

We were so inseparable in such a short amount of time since middle school. So much has happened since you left this earth. I graduated from college and obtained a Master degree. Man, I know you would have been so proud! I even ran collegiate cross country and track during undergrad. But it definitely was not the same like high school so I parted ways with it during my junior year. I am confident to say that you would have supported that decision since you knew that school was my focus.

Girl, now I’m an adult who is working and paying bills. Lol. I would never have imagined that I would be at this place in my life right now from back when I was 15 years old! Time flies! It seemed like it was yesterday that you would always meet me at my locker after school to get your things and then we would hang out and chat about the latest news in our lives.

I miss our long talks on the phone. I still remember the day I asked you if you thought I was pretty because of my poor self-esteem. No one knew I struggled with my image. I never felt comfortable enough to share that struggle with anyone other than you. Your words at that time saved me and encouraged me in ways that you would not have imagined. Your reassurance of my inner beauty has stayed with me for years and I thank and love you so much for that.

It’s been over 10 years but there is still a part of me that is missing without you being here. At times I feel guilty living life and experiencing so much of it without you. You were suppose to be here with me at 28 years old making memories and enjoying the best of life with me. You would have been a brides maid for my wedding in the future, an aunt for my future children and someone whom I could continue to rely on. I don’t ever want to outgrow or forget you.

I know that you would want me to continue to smile and love on people and to never hold a grudge against anyone. You were so young but so wise!

Happy birthday sis! Continue to rest in peace with your sister and mother by your side.

Love you!


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