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6 Ways to Make 2016 Count!

1. Keep God first

It sounds cliche but it is VERY important to do so! By keeping God first, you are giving Him permission to control every area of your life regarding your finances, career, family, relationships and more.

How does keeping God first look like!?

Spend time with him!

You must prioritize God in your life! For instance, starting your day off with prayer creates an atmosphere of peace and joy throughout your day, despite any chaos that can possibly occur.

You should also spend time in reading and meditating on the word. Being spiritually fed is vital this year! The word is reassurance and strengthens us of God’s promises over our lives! Pray the word over your life this year and see the wonderful works of God!

2. Use an agenda or a to-do list

Life in general can be overwhelming! We can be pulled in so many directions that we can find ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually drained.

That is why it is very important to keep track of what is going on!

When a visual is used to showcase your tasks and responsibilities, it can become easier to make adjustments to your schedule as needed. You are able to see the things that should cut be out in order to make room for your priorities.

An agenda can be paper form (my personal preference) or an electronic version. Be sure that your agenda is not only used to be written in but that you check it daily! There is no point in having something that is not fully utilized.

A to-do list is also perfect for tasks that needs to be completed in a short amount of time. I have personally used to do lists for my Saturday morning errands and I must say that it has been more than helpful!

Make sure you set time prior to sit and thoroughly think about the things that you need completed for the day or for a particular week. There is no point in having a to-do list if you do not write out all of the things you need done in that time-frame.

3. Feel good! Look good! Invest in yourself!

When working hard, we sometimes put an important person on the back burner…ourselves!

This may sound selfish but in order to make sure that things are running smoothly and in order, we have to make sure that we are in a position to serve, work, accomplish and more.

Investing in yourself and looking good has nothing to do with wearing the latest gear. But it has everything to do with making an effort with yourself from the inside out.

Make time, at least 20 minutes for 3 days a week to exercise. Your body is a temple that deserves to be healthy and properly maintained.

When you feel healthy and become healthy, it will show! Have you noticed that people who regularly workout have a certain glow and confidence about themselves. Being healthy does not equate to abs, muscles busting out of ones shirt, calfs that need their own pants and more. Being healthy is about making sure that your organs are working. You can workout and still not be healthy if you are using illegal substances for enhancements for example.

When you invest in yourself, you are telling the world and the people in it to take a break because you are making time for you. Even if it is only for 5 minutes a week; it makes a positive impact!

You can invest in yourself by setting time to give yourself a facial, go for a pedicure, take yourself out on a date, have a pizza and wine night for yourself and the list can go on!

Always make sure that you are good yourself in order to experience the good set out for you to experience!

4. Cut off negative people!

You can’t expect to have a positive and fruitful year being surrounded by negative and fruit stealing people!

Cut them off! Do not feel guilty for letting go of dead weight! Trust me, you will feel relieved!

If people cut you off and you are not negative, do not fret because that can be a blessing in disguise! The things that you are about to accomplish this year, does not require everyone in your corner.

Let go and be okay with being let go of!

5. Change your mindset!!!!

You are what you think and for some it may hard to accept that notion. If you are in the midst of a storm right now say this right now with belief: “Despite this storm, I trust and believe that God will calm it. I refuse to focus solely on the now because I see a bright future”.

You have to look beyond your current circumstance(s). It is not easy but worth it. If you always think that things won’t go your way, you will always SEE things that way.

Your mind truly does navigate your body. When you are in a good mood, there is an pep to your step. In contrast, when you are in a bad mood, your whole stance and vibe is a bit sluggish, stand offish or aggressive.

Change your thinking in order to change your life. You have to believe it in order to receive it!

6. Every set back is a learning opportunity! You are not perfect!

It’s great when things are going great and you are actually doing the things that you have set out to do. When things go wrong and mistakes happen, remember that it is all a part of the journey!

I wish I could tell you that life is fair and you will be so perfect and pure in all things but I would simply be lying to you!

You have to embrace the bad and constantly think, hmm what does God want me to gain from all of this. There is purpose in our failures.

When you do not see it that way, you will get so consumed in your mistakes and welcome depression into your life willingly.

I am here to tell you that you are NOT perfect!! Striving for perfection isn’t bad until you believe that you were created to be perfect. I have some shocking news for you, you are a human being. Therefore, expect for mistakes, downfalls, and setbacks to occur.

BUT…. EXPECT to learn in the process. That learned mistake(s) can be the words to your new book or the motivation to your business.

I TRULY do hope that 2016 is your year of implementation, growth and blessings!

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