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3 Things Happen When You Cut Off Toxic People

  According to Merriam-Webster, online dictionary, toxic is defined as, "extremely harsh, malicious, or harmful toxic sarcasm" as well as "containing or being poisonous material especially when capable of causing death or serious debilitation"

You can blatantly see that toxic is not just something being negative, it is destructive.

People CAN be toxic so it is extremely important to watch the company that you keep. A toxic person may have the following characteristics such as:

Being Constantly Judgmental

 Being Manipulative

Excessively Rude

 Constantly Lying

 They Have a I am Never Wrong Mentality

They Tend To Bring Drama With Them Every Where They Go

 They Can Be Abusive Emotionally, Physically and Mentally

and the list can go on and on and on.....

As you can see, a toxic person has the tendency to bring chaos, hurt, drama, and destruction perpetually into your life.

If you are tired of your life being evolved around that toxic person, I STRONGLY suggest that you cut them off. Will it be easy?  Of course not! But the best things for us in life won't always come easy to us.

When you let go of toxic people 3 things happens in your life:

1.) The drama STOPS!

It is quit obvious that once you remove the source of your headaches and stress, the headache and stress vanishes!

2.) You smile MORE!

Removing a toxic person from your life creates room for you to showcase your beautiful pearly whites.

When you are around someone who is constantly a debbie downer you find yourself frequently angry, frustrated and emotionally drained. You can bring up great news about your promotion at your job, a fresh business idea or meeting a potential future boo yet your friend will find a way to either dismiss your thoughts and bring it back to themselves or find a negative in your good news. When a majority of your interaction consist of that pattern, you are probably expressing yourself through eye rolls and irritated long sighs.

So when you expunge that toxic person out of your life, you plunge yourself into peace. I must clarify that it does not mean that drama or bad things will not occur but the people in your life will be helpful in managing that chaos; They will not be a contributor to that chaos.

Keep in mind that you tend to become who you spend the majority of your time with so you cannot expect to be a person filled with joy if you continually encompass yourself around pessimistic energy.

3.) You make MORE room for great people to come into your life.

If you have a nurturing personality, like myself, then you genuinely enjoy going out of your way for your friends. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that when it is with the RIGHT person. Toxic people can take up valuable space in our lives and we may not really realize it until that space is no longer taken by them.

We sometimes hold on to things that do not positively benefit us and wonder why we are in a stand still. Often, it is the little changes that we must make in order to grasp all of the great things that life has to offer. But, in order to grasp those things, we must first make room for it to appear.

By removing toxic people out of your life, you are welcoming the opportunity to engage in amazing friendships and/or a great relationship. The only way to welcome that probability is by first positioning yourself in a place to receive it. 

I challenge you to evaluate the people in your life and ask yourself these 2 questions so that you can begin to reflect and make adjustments (if needed):

Are they bringing you more joy or more sorrow?

Does the friendship/relationship bring growth or just stunting it?


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