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Joy Osahon-Agbator is an Author, Empowerment Coach, Faith Blogger, and now Clarity Coach. Joy has over 10 years' worth of experience working in a variety of fields such as Youth Development, Workforce Development, Social Services, and, College Access and Support. Throughout those years, Joy has developed a passion for servitude. Joy's clarity coaching sessions are meant to "Empower, provide accountability, and offer tangible tips for individuals to go from vision to 'breakthrough' ". 

Coaching and serving individuals towards stability is not a new line of work for Joy. In fact, Joy has worked for various organizations where she has provided guidance and support towards housing stability, career exploration, academic advisement, and accountability for High School students, College Students, Veterans, and Adults. It was only a matter of time that Joy would take her years of professional experience to merge it with Speak With Joy.

What makes Joy different from most Coaches is that she does not look at her clients as clients but as God's son or daughter. Her perspective is what drives her to approach each individual with excellent service. 

These sessions are for individuals who are ready to speak with Joy to clarify their vision

What is a Clarity Coach?

A Clarity Coach is one who provides another individual with clarity as it pertains to one's vision. Clarity can be assessing barriers and challenges that are preventing a person from bringing their vision to life, providing realistic and feasible tips that can assist him or her to proactively work towards bringing their vision into fruition.

      I am not a Licensed Therapist but will refer clients for therapy if deemed appropriate

Clarity Coaching Call Testimonial

"My meeting with Joy Osahon was truly remarkable. Joys communication from the beginning was above and beyond with such willingness to help was truly breathtaking, Joy comes off with very high energy and an abundance of positivity. Throughout our meeting it was made clear that she held true interest in my book and wanted me to succeed at a high level, her voice was calm but joyful and you could feel her smile through the phone. Her speech was clear and direct answering my questions before I could even ask them. Joy’s knowledge on the topic was very precise as well as being very opened about the questions I asked. Overall she is wonderful in what she has accomplished and I am excited to speak with her again when I am further along in my own publishing process". -Michael Hembry 

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Having a vision is exciting but so often many individuals have allowed their vision to remain a vision. Now is the time to birth that vision through coaching and accountability. So if you are ready to speak with Joy to clarify your vision, complete a consultation request form. 


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